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Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World (Signed pre-order)

Matthieu Ricard


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Matthieu Ricard appears in conversation with Pico Iyer at Live Talks Los Angeles on June 9, 2015 discussing his upcoming book, Altruism:  The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself  and the WorldPre-orders for signed books from this event will ship the day after the event, on June 10, 2015, to anywhere in the US.  For more information/purchase tickets to the event on May 6, 2015, visit the event page.

Born in France in 1946, Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk who left a career in cellular genetics to study Buddhism in the Himalayas nearly 40 years ago. He is an international best-selling author and a prominent speaker on the world stage, celebrated at the World Economic Forum at Davos and at TED where his first talk on happiness has been viewed by over four million people.

His new book is Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World. His previous books have been translated into over twenty languages and include The Monk and the Philosopher; The Quantum and the Lotus; Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill; and Why Meditate?, as well as five photography books.

As a trained scientist and Buddhist monk, he is uniquely positioned in the dialogue between East and West. He is an active participant in the current scientific research on the effects of meditation on the brain. He lives in Nepal and devotes much of his time to the preservation of Tibetan literature and to humanitarian projects in Tibet, India, and Nepal.

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